CIS right click menu bug [Merged Threads]

Hello! I noticed a small bug in CIS right click menu (Antivirus manual scan).
When manual scan is present in right click menu the menu is not skined!!! Can you fix that?
My operating system is Vista Ultimate 32 bit and CIS is 3.5.53896.424

The same issue here.

  1. 64bit
  2. Vista SP1 64Bit
  3. Avira Antivir Personal, AVG 8.0.175 Free (real-time scanning disabled), BOclean 4.27, CIS (real-time scanning in the antivirus module disabled), CMF, SafeSurf, Windows Defender
  4. It happens every time I right-click a file etc. (if it’s ‘inside’ My Computer, so to speak; desktop icons are unaffected)
  5. Firewall: Safe mode
    Defense+: Clean PC Mode
  6. Administrator account with UAC disabled.

PS I’m running the latest version of CIS.

Screenshot attached

[attachment deleted by admin]

I am using Windows Vista Ultimate SP1. Yesterday I installed CIS in my notebook… gotta admit it worked like a charm!!! (L)
But the antivirus component of CIS caused my context menu in Vista appear like in Windows NT or ME. I cant afford to compromise with my context menu so I had to uninstall the component. Please fix this bug soon so that I can use the full CIS. (:AGY)
I simply love comodo (S)

please check this blog I wrote on Comodo Firewall Pro…

Confirm, it also makes the Scan with BOLD in vista.

Yes I also saw that “Scan with Comodo Anmtivirus” is in bold
Please check this issue and release an update solving this ASAP. I cant wait to use CIS :BNC

Yep, same problem here.

Yes, the shell extension for scanning should be made compatible with Vista - I disabled it with ShellExView for the time being, awaiting for the fix. By the way, I uninstalled Avast - and still can’t believe I decided to do that, 'cause I loved it.

How did you use that program to do it? What is the entry called? Please! This is driving me nuts…

No need for any program…

regsvr32 /u "%ProgramFiles%\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cavshell.dll"

Well, just run the program, find the entry “Comodo Antivirus” and disable it - there is an option for that under File → Disable Selected Item. Or unregister the cavshell as nortor suggests. Picture attached. Regards,

[attachment deleted by admin]


Windows Vista Basic x86.

Context-menu style changes when ‘Scan with Comodo Antivirus’ option is available.

Please anybody report to comodo officials about the bug so that we can get it debugged in a new version ASAP (CLY)

Duplicate of this bug. Please merge it.

Merged Threads. (:m*)


I just found out the same problem. The problem lies with COMODO. I hope COMODO can release an update ASAP to release this issue (Very annoying one again).
Vista x64 SP1 here.


Still not fixed in new build.
Any updates on this VERY annoying problem?

“Scan with Comodo Antivirus” menu item is bold, but doesn’t actually override default actions

Windows XP SP2
Comodo CIS 3.5.55810.432

Still no word from Comodo about this issue. Any updates on a fix for this? It’s very annoying since it’s very ugly.

I’m sure there reading this. The guys check bug reports daily. Give it some time :slight_smile:


Sigh, still not fixed in new build.