CIS Review showing success of Defense+

Nothing surprising, but It acknowledges Comodo’s success.

Just watched these. Good work by Comodo! It does show that there is still some work left to do though. Way too many prompts per threat. I know, I am nitpicking.

Still waiting to hear more info about the next release.

not really…
all matt had to do is to use predefined policy - isolated application- and viola !

While that is true, The average person siting on his computer wouldn’t know to do that. Like my Mum is never on the computer, Maybe she does go on once every 3 months to do a little research on something, But if she then is presented with a Defense+ Alert with random file names, she will be dubious. My point is people like you and I are power users, and know how to deal with Alerts - Hence we get excellent protection, rock solid and one of the best! But this is why Comodo is creating HUGE usability right now so ANYONE can use CIS while still maintaining the protection it offers today, with Prevention as first line of defense.

At the same time, people can do a little research and it’s not really that hard to learn Defense+ if a user uses the computer every day, Anyway… Me? (B) Matt did a good review here.


I liked the review, but like Matt, I was surprised to see those two .exe files in the Task Manager.



Those processes were loaded onto memory but had NO access to the disk or registry. they were isolated and would be gone with a restart even if matt didn’t manually kill 'em…COMODO killed em.

Come on guys!! Isnt that just great?? Pure awesomeness!!! Perfection, perfection, perfection!!!

I really enjoy matts reviews and he sure have a LOT of malware!!!

Anyway, (R)

EDIT: BTW the official post from

I used to feel overwhelmed by the alerts, but not anymore. :SMLR