CIS Repeatedly Blocks Trusted File

After a virus scan, CIS flagged what I thought was an unimportant “web search” feature of a program. Well, it was needed.

I attempted to reinstall the program from a self-executing archived updated version: no luck - the update launches but installs nothing. Then I entirely removed the program and when I attempt to reinstall it from the original install disc I receive an error message which states “Windows cannot access the file or path. You may not have the appropriate permissions.” After each time I attempt to launch the installer, the *.exe file ends up in the blocked list. If I move it to trusted, it ends up in the blocked list after I try again. If I add the installer *.exe file to the white list and try again, it still ends up in the blocked list.

I have tried the various “solutions” from others who seemed to have a similar problem with no luck. So, two questions: if I entirely remove CIS will the installer launch; secondly, anyone else ever have a pesky file such the CIS needed some extraordinary tweaking so that it would run?



Yeah the same thing happens to me when i play a game…

so is it in sandbox…

Hey Rave, thanks for your input.

When I investigated the issue, I went through every tab and looked at every place where files could be blocked. In all instances, I moved any safe files out of sandbox designation, blocked, or quarantined, and designated them as trusted or, as I mentioned, manually added them to the whitelist. The program still will not run or reinstall.

Rather than further waste my or anyone’s time with this issue, I quit my TS efforts and went to Plan B: restore a two-day-old image backup of my OS. Specifically because of cases such as this, I place my OS (Win7 Pro x64) on a separate, 100GB partition which contains nothing but the OS and installed programs. I create full image backups of the partition every other day; since it contains only 71GB of data, it only takes about 15 minutes to backup or restore.

So I’m back to normal and, in the future, I will follow the same process instead of trying to allow files that CIS condemns.

Thanks again,


i also have some problems with the sandbox and i think its easier to just see the defense + alert and add to trust files like that. to disable to autosandox go to defense + and uncheck the first box under the execution control tab

then when you get a defense plus alert you can either treat the application as a trusted application or just allow it and check the remember your answer box

the sandbox is always being improved so it will only get better with new releases.

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The sandbox is doing its job…

But the defence+ is showing toooo many pop ups…

I am basically a gamer so it gives me toooo many popups…

I think it will improve in the next version… :a0