CIS-remove AV but leave FW

I have CIS AV+FW working fine and completely (sweat, blood and tears) configured. Is it possible to uninstall AV and leave just the firewall? Or the other way - to make such backup of FW that after unistalling the CIS, installing the FW (CFP) only ALL of my settings, firewall policies down to a single application rule will be intact? I would appreciate any help.

I found this;msg213865#msg213865 but it looks weird :wink:

Here is how to export your config:

Too add or remove features in CIS:

In XP: Start > Add or Remove Programs > select Comodo Internet Security > click Change/Remove > make sure “Add/Remove” is selected and click Next > Select which features you want & follow the directions until you finish.

In Vista: Start > type in search box search: Programs and features > click on Programs and features > find COMODO Internet Security > click Uninstall/Change > make sure “Add/Remove” is selected and click Next > Select which features you want & follow the directions until you finish.

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Hi Bucic & Welcome!

If your using CIS/AV/Firewall 3.5 now then it’s not possible to Disable D+ when adding & removing components. A fresh install will give you the option for “COMODO Firewall” and then you choose out of the 3 options “Basic Firewall”, There D+ is disabled and you have the enterprise network strength Firewall.


If I coose proactive security to back up I will get my network security and all FW settings backed up?

Thank You. Keep up the good work. I spread the good word anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

You just need to export your configuration and all will be exported.


Sorry for missing your hi and welcome, Josh :wink:

Avast installed. I exported all my CIS configurations to separate files through MISCELLANEOUS – Manage my configurations – Export. Then I reinstalled CIS (this time FW only, no D+ and no AV) and imported Proactive security configuration through the same MISCELLANEOUS – Manage my configurations – Import. Not a single rule from Network Security pollicy has been recovered. Then I imported all the other configurations with the same effect - not a single rule from Network Security pollicy has been recovered. Only D+ acivated itself – not my intention at all. Also I get “blue screen of deaths” this time (I didn’t when I just added Avast! To already installed comodo).

I did it before (few months ago) with CFP3 only one day and I’ve lost all the rules so now I’ve made extra steps – I copied the CIS installation folder to a safe place, exported complete windows registry and made an Image of my C drive. But it doesn’t change a fact that I would lost all again if I didn’t perform these extra steps.

Did I do something wrong – this time and the previuos time with CFP3 only?


Make sure nothing is conflicting on startup and I advise you to read these:

[i][b]How can i migrate from CFP 3.0.x to CIS 3.5.x?

Can I do A Automatic Update from CFP 3.0.x to CIS 3.5.x?[/i]

Need any more help, let us know. :slight_smile:


Thank you Josh! And sorry to make you fingerpoint it. Checking now and will report.

Try and check your services & Startups by Run>msconfig>Services & Startup, But be sure all microsoft services are hidden, You should only really have your Antivirus & Firewall loaded on startup and that’s it. Just a rule of thumb IMO. :slight_smile:


I followed these instructions:

Open CFP GUI and go to Miscellaneous, Manage My Configurations, Select your Active Configuration (one with the checkmark) and export it to disk.

If you have Exported the configuration, now uninstall CFP from your system and reboot.

Now i install CIS with AV/FW/D+ now if it asks you to restart your computer DO NOT BOOT yet.
Untick Restart and press Finish.

Now open the CIS GUI go to Miscellaneous, Manage My Configurations, Import As, Select your Export file, and give it a name for Example “COMODO - MyPersonalProfile”, Now go to Select and select your “old” configuration.

I exported my active configuration I restarted the system after the last step as adviced. Still doesn’t work - not a single rule from Network Security pollicy has been recovered and D+ has been activated against my will.

I don’t have BSODs anymore. I’m a suppresor when it comes to startup and windows services btw :wink:

Please, anyone :-[
For now my FW is not configured properly and I might get banned if it remains this way… Network Security Policy (global and application rules) is all I need. No D+, no AV and no other FW options.

I was going to give you my Network Security policy config file, but it has disappeared. ??? ??? Well, at least I don’t use it. :THNK

Why would I need someone’s config file? I need to get my network rules back. I spent too much time getting them to work to do it all again. I don’t wan’t to be picky but it looks to me like backup function of COMODO CIS/CFP is just non-existent. I tried to overwrite my whole installation folder with the old one. Didn’t work. I also have C drive image and registry exported so I’ll try to do something with this.

Hi Bucic

When you import your old config to the new, you still have to name it and then select it. Go to manage my configurations “import as” and then select the one you have named and you will have your old config. back.


[s]I did :frowning: Like I said - I exported active configuration and imported it through Import as, changed name, selcted this particular config (with new name) and restarted the system. Nothing. I’m wasted already and loosing hope :frowning:

One more thing. When I uninstalled the CIS did complete uninstall - all program and doc.and.sett. files deleted and the registry cleaned so it is now like installing CIS on a fresh system.[/s]

It worked!!! :BNC First what I did wrong - somehow I misidentified my old active configuration. I could swear it was “proactive…” but today something told me to check the file sizes of my exported profiles (I exported them all like I said) . It showed that all confs are about 200KB and one is 600+. It was “internet security” configuration file. No restart was needed.

One question for the future - is exported configuration file sufficient to clone of all settings made by user since CIS installation including all the rules (global and application) and global program (CIS) settings? I’m asking because I’ve collected large amount of COMODO’s backups (copies of CIS program files, docs and setts, windows registries…) and I would like to get rid of it.

Thank you all for your help and I’m really sorry for the confusion! IMO all redundant posts should be removed or at least greyed out. Just my first post, links to instructions and this particular ending post. Also it is a good occasion to confirm (or not) that instructions from Comodo_Internet_Security_User_Guide.pdf are sufficient to perform the complete backup.