CIS removal

Interesting video

- YouTube

cleaning is coming but in a different product. CIS is meant for protection. Cleaning is coming in Comodo Cleaning Essentials.

Yes it was…
… but I was bloody disappointed
I was going to see how it is possible to remove CIS without of troubles (eventually 88))
…on the contrary it was different

The point is - please change the title to something like “malware removal by CIS” or alike

& then …and …and… then…

rest assured - there is no such thing as “acid cleaning” by any security solution & that will never happen … Duh! :o


p.s. Ganda! I hope U R Ok, since U R capable of moving threads … youUU! :smiley:

I’ve seen these reviews. His voice is a bit sleep-inducing but the content is worth hearing.

He makes the point that he always tests using the vendors default settings. I don’t have a problem with that in itself but the fact is most other products don’t have their default settings at “Fort Knox” out of the box like CIS.
He also says he never bothers to scan with a products on-demand scanner after something apparently gets through from a URL, because if it doesn’t get caught in the first place, then a full scan won’t do any better… A ludicrous assumption.

Hooray! CIS blocks ISASS. Well it does if you can understand the incomprehensible warning (attached) which just rolls off his tongue like he was ordering a pizza.

And did you know that CIS warns when it detects something on-access. (also attached). Soon every vendor will be copying this “awesome” feature! 88) ;D

Once again, in the hands of a user who knows the product, CIS does good at protection (even if he thinks the updates and scan are too slow.)
And re his tests of other products, in the hands of someone who doesn’t know them as well as he knows CIS. Who knows? ;D

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What do you mean by … “LSASS” ???

Do not be confused with Lsass …. similar uppercase ‘I’ is to lowercase ‘l’… identical some check it is Isass running rather than Lsass
[size=10pt]I[/size]SASS.EXE is malware, LSASS.EXE is not unless %windir%\system32\LSASS.EXE is patched or if LSASS.EXE is found somewhere OTHER THAN %windir%\system32

Is it clear from the video & mainly according to your post ?


Oops. Now I’m making assumptions. :-[
I took it as Isass even though he says “elsass”. The video is not clear enough to be sure but I think it is Isass.exe.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt on that one but now more curious, I went back to his site and watched a couple more videos. Sadly more clangers.

Aack! :o It’s seriously going to be a separate application? ???

Yeah, that makes sense… You have an infection, do you wish to clean? Yes… OK, you need Comodo Cleaning Essentials… 88)

Seriously, that is a little backward.

I guess at the very least it should be included in the CIS download, and CIS should be able to call it seamlessly to the user. I believe most users want a single comprehensive product. I’m infected, yes clean it please! I need another application to do the cleaning? OK, how’s Norton? … :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to see how it is possible to remove CIS without of troubles (eventually Roll Eyes)
Good one. Who said Slavs don't have sense of humour? Hum... I think it was Kaiser Wilhelm II.

There should be another icon after 88). I just forgot to press it :smiley: … now I did
Anyway the title sounds weird ;D (another one)

CIS Remove The Dirt
Remove With CIS
Clean Up Your Laundry (With CIS)
C.I.S. stands for Computarly Independent Support; Calculated Internet Safety; Cancelled Inebriation Scenario; Complex Idiosyncratic Student…
I could go on.
All this is a tad off topic !ot! My apologies to the mods.


Hi, man

You ( and others ) are just dreaming :wink:

No matter what you are expecting the separate “product” by Comodo or (God forbid!) another integrated useless one (goosebumps!)
That will never happen - There is no such thing as acid cleaning by any security & that will never be developed
So it is better not wasting any time for that … that is just ridicules
Please do not get me wrong for being so blunt ;)… but - No way!