CIS Removal tool

CIS is not so easy to remove. Therefore it is necessary to make a product that can find thethe remains of of the product on a computer.

But who would ever want to remove CIS? :stuck_out_tongue:
CIS is easy enough to remove, and Comodo Programs Manager installed from the beginning helps a lot as well. :wink:

Here is CIS clean-up tool

Valentin N

I think CIS remove is not so easy and are you sure this tools working?

the tool in my previous post is working.

Valentin N

I can confirm - for me the tool works fine.
Finally I was able to install newer COMODO after previous update failed end resulted with never ending reboot request to complete installation.
Now, after I used this tool, new installation was successful and COMODO works again on my Windows 7 machine.

Thank you!

For me there are no problems with installing and uninstalling - everything is ok