CIS Registry Leftovers -- How to remove?

After manually deleting lots of registry leftovers from the CIS
firewall I was left with the following keys which I cannot
delete (access denied). How can I get rid of them?


HKLM\System\Software\COMODO\Firewall Pro\Configurations
HKLM\System\Software\COMODO\Firewall Pro\Data
HKLM\System\Software\COMODO\Firewall Pro\Options

Run this unofficial clean up tool as admin. That should do the trick. When needed boot to Safe Mode and try again.

.BAT file ran and issued all sorts of error messages. At end it declared success, but the items are still in the registry.

Should the repair have asked me to boot in safe mode or should I do it on my own?
What do you mean “try again”?

You need to boot in safe mode yourself. With try again I meant to run the clean up tool again once you’re in safe mode.

When the batch file cannot remove the keys you need to delete them manually using a take ownership procedure.

Well, the system does not let me take ownership, that’s the problem.

If system will not allow you need to run a God registry, please be very careful if you do this as you will be able to remove anything thereby destroy you registry if you make a mistake.;msg160490#msg160490

This is to let you know that everything I tried failed. I cannot delete the COMODO CIS keys I reported left over above.

  1. The utility you referred me to – PSExec – does no longer exist. It has morphed into a remote connect utility.

  2. Several ways to take ownership of the key and running RegEdit under SYSTEM failed.

  3. I cannot resolve the problem in Safe Mode – my system logs into a dark screen and I cannot see the icons to start Regedit. But I if it doesn’t work under SYSTEM its unlikely to work in Safe Mode.

Whoever designed CIS this way ought not to be let near computers. He should be forced to spend a month daily cleaning the computers he messed up over and over again.

I was a user of CIS for many year, but the software kept deteriorating until I just dropped it.

Continue to treat users this way and see what you’ll get.

Hi oao,
There is no need for the attitude.
Nearly all software leaves behind registry keys/entries on removal, most of these keys are benign and cause zero harm.
So many system variables make it impossible for software (All Software) to be a 100% bug free.

If there is a specific system issue you are encountering, maybe we can work together to resolve the issue.


You got it backwards. The wrong attitude is the company’s. There is NO justification for leftovers, p eriod. And if there are, there should be a reasonable way to clean them up.

What I had to clean up after COMODO is a disgrace–few apps in my 40+ years in the IT industry left so much garbage behind without any serious tools or methods to get rid of them. I spent hours on cleanup and there seems to be no way to delete these keys. It’s COMODO that should spend time on this, not I.
So pls, don’t talk to me about attitude.

I reported all the details that you need to know in my initial message. Everything you told me to do did not work. So how do you propose we “work together to resolve the problem”?

Hi oao,
If the leftover keys are causing no issues other than being present, then they are benign and best left alone.

As far as attitude, this is a community based Forum and we need to show respect to other members.

If the left over keys are causing other issues or side affects, then it is worth investigating further.

In 40+ Years experience, I am surprised you need our help to remove anything IT related. :o


In 40+ Years experience, I am surprised you need our help to remove anything IT related.

And this is your notion of showing respect?

You got it backwards again – I was not disrespectful to anybody in the forum, only to the company that does such a poor job and fails to offer solutions. You’ve just been disrespectful to me. If after 40+ years I cannot solve this problem what does it tell you about the messup that the company has created? Instead of questioning
my competence to clean the mess, question the quality of the product that caused it.

Since I cannot tell how accumulation of various leftovers will affect my system I like to keep it clean, because when I run into problems I very much doubt that I will know what caused them and neither Comodo nor you will be around to help solve them. Don’t tell me to leave them alone, give me a solution. That’s Comodo’s responsibility, not mine.

Hi oao,

I am not being disrespectful at all in my opinion, I am just pointing out facts.
If you think otherwise please see the link below.
How to appeal against Moderators decisions
Please note the Moderators who kindly tried to help or offered help and advice including myself are volunteers.

Since I cannot tell how accumulation of various leftovers will affect my system I like to keep it clean, because when I run into problems I very much doubt that I will know what caused them and neither Comodo nor you will be around to help solve them. Don't tell me to leave them alone, give me a solution. That's Comodo's responsibility, not mine.
You are telling me you have 40+ years experience in IT, but you will not know how to debug a system if an issue arises in the future? No that is not disrespectful, that is pointing out the facts as I see them.

Thank you.

I am afraid the problem is Windows it has locked the keys not Comodo.

Windows locks numerous registry keys with system permissions.

If you insist on having the keys remove you will have to speak to Microsoft and ask them for a tool to unlock these keys.

Sorry this not something Comodo can help you with.


Oh, beautiful, you found the typical way to eschew responsibility: blame Windows and pass the buck to MS. Why am I not surprised.

Listen, this is utter ■■■■■■■■. Why would MS want to lock those 3 Comodo keys? When there were tons of other Comodo garbage that they did not lock?

Pathetic. And reinforces my decision to finally get rid of the ■■■■.

The tool I posted to use was a Microsoft tool, I am sorry they felt the need to remove it.

The reason Microsoft locks these registry keys is they consider in their wisdom it is not necessary to remove them and can damage the registry if they are removed.

That is why a warning is always posted when using these system removal tools to back up your registry and be careful.

I am afraid blaming Comodo for a Microsoft problem is not a option.

Thank you


Do you have any EVIDENCE that MS locked these particular three keys, leaving all the other dozens of items left by Comodo in the registry unlocked?

A reputable company should produce, together with its installation tool an unistallation tool that cleans up 100% of the registry items. If there are customer reports of leftovers–as there seem to be in this case–they should find a solution and if it requires working with MS to produce it that’s what they should do.

But Comodo does not seem to give a ■■■■. And it’s regrettable, because following my experience with Comodo–and this is not the first time I had problems with its leftovers–I gotta use MS Security essentials, which I am not really keen on.

Who do think locks them Comodo?

Sorry that is impossible.

Not sure where you looked for PSExec link below for PsTools just extract PsExec.


Hi oao,
It is MS Windows Registry, permissions need to be edited through the registry.

Access is set by the system.

As usual, use the following at your own risk.

My advice is, if it is not broken don’t fix it.
Alternatively implement your back up procedure to a recent time before the offending program was installed.

Good luck.

Yes, but the keys are Comodo keys and you still have to explain why out of dozens of Comodo registry items MS has chosen to lock these particular three (which, btw, have something to do with the CIS installer!–and why does not Comodo care about it to take it up with MS and figure out a solution?

Asking users to fool around with permissions is just abnegating responsibility.

They maybe Comodo keys but they do not own them, they are locked by your system to prevent damage to registry.

To that end unless your system will allow it they cannot be removed.

Sorry Comodo is not abnegating responsibility they can only remove what they are allowed to by your system.