CIS rather system intensive lately

I’m not sure what is causing it, but as of late CIS is being rather rude concerning system intensity.

I can run SAS, MWB and Spybot at once and not have any problems, but when running a CIS scan (My computer/Critical areas) it will literally just kill my system. I have a rather large number of files, and don’t have time to close stuff down and wait for CIS to do a scan which already takes quite some time already.

Basically it will make my system come to a halt…programs like firefox would lock up and crash, playing games while CIS is scanning will cause them to lock up and crash…all is well when CIS isn’t running.

Well CIS scan my comp fast. it scans 300000 files and it took me 1,5 hours. CIS eats a lot of memory when scanning. thats it. just don’t start any thing and let CIS scan for it self

It’s not a problem with RAM, it’s more of a case that CIS causes massive amounts of HDD activity for no reason, hell even Norton IS never did it this bad. :S

CIS can be HD intensive when updating the virus definitions.

Are you running SAS, and MBAM real-time? What about SpyBot Teatimer? It isn’t a good idea to have more than one scanner active at the same time. If you have these active, any time CIS runs a scan, the other applications will also try to scan the files at the same time CIS is, which could lead to problems such as extreme resource usage.

On my system during a full system scan
CPU sits around 20% with spikes upto 80% briefly
Memory usage around 60MB to max 80MB
During full scan time the system is still usable, maybe slightly laggy but ok.
I don’t mind slightly high CPU usage during this time, because full scan takes about 13 to 14 minutes with over 640000 files. After scan system usage resumes to normal instantly. I agree as HeffeD said any other real time scanners could effect scan system usage or time dramatically.

SAS, MWB and Spybot are not on realtime, and I don’t run them at same time as CIS (as I saidin my other post i can run those 3 programs at the same time without any issues, it’s only CIS when running alone that will just completely kill my system).

This is the only thing I do not like about CIS. When doing a full scan, my PC gets very unresponsive. CPU and RAM usage are OK, but as already mentioned, CIS probably has very extensive HDD usage when scanning. The whole system is almost at halt. And I do not have a slow PC:
i5 750
Win7 Ultimate 64-bit

I would really like this problem fixed. If any info is needed, let me know. Thanks.

I had some problems with this in past with the last several versions too, with CIS slowing down my system during scans more than almost any product I have tested; Comodo Cleaning Essentials Betas too. :frowning:

I recommend doing what you are doing now and also filing bug reports and/or suggestions and/or wishlists here on the forums/by e-mail/etc. :slight_smile:

Maybe the Comodo Team will figure out some of the issues and improve performance during scans in CIS for us users that had/have problems with this. :slight_smile: