cis protection

To be sure that I have no malicous software on my PC I let the eset online scanner proof my computer. I didn’t proof my pc ever with an online scanner by now or rather let proof.
In quick scan mode eset found 1 program but not an installed one, but an installer stored in a download folder.

Therefore I trust comodo furthermore! :-TU :-TU :-TU

CIS protect 99% (Nothing is perfect) :stuck_out_tongue:
in acess banks online, emails, sites in comodo secure shopping Comodo secure shopping protected - YouTube
this is what cybercriminals will capture, a dark screen and no data entered (keystroke) or rather saying it will not capture;

if the antivirus doesn’t detect, we still have others modules protetections (containment, hips, firewall, viruscope…) Comodo internet security 12 - YouTube

For home user, it’s 100%. However, CIS is very bad at blocking phishing websites. If an user think a phishing website is legit, then CIS can’t protect user from losing his/her bank accounts.

You shouldn’t blindly rely on ANY security solution for anything you do on the Internet and the greatest source of danger is and remains human behavior.

In general, you should carefully check every link in emails and social networks before accessing it. Many suspicions can also be recognized by laypeople. You should be thoughtful, for example, if the Internet address contains the name of the respective institution, but in connection with unusual numbers or combinations of characters as in “hxxp(s)://”.

Querying a TAN, for example, without triggering any transaction is also a clear indication of fake phishing sites. You should become suspicious, in particular, if you are asked to re-enter known data such as name, address or IBAN after registering with your bank: with a high probability you have also landed on a fake website. :P0l