CIS Proactive Security

What is the difference between Proactive Security and Firewall Security in CIS?
Normally, on a win7 H.Premium 64 bit system, which config is recommended?


in the later versions it seems there is less of a difference but there are still a couple. Differences between proactive & internet security configs v5 - FAQ

I would use proactive security unless you encounter a problem.


So is it true to say that Proactive Security configuration is stronger then Internet Security by all points?



i was wondering the same thing.
it begs the question why is the internet security configuration in the program at all if it is a weaker config.
Is there any particular reason why this configuration is in CIS? >:-D

balance between security and usability

Exactly. Too many people want the security of a HIPS, but don’t want to deal with all of the alerts. The trade-off is other less secure, yet higher usability configurations.