I think it would be great to have a second option for purchase a CIS license.

What about having a license only for 1 PC?
Its great the 3 PCs model license. But its even better to give a second option when someone has only 1 PC or maybe its interested on price rather than anything else.

What does COMODO thinks about this?

go for pro since it’s 50% for us members

Not talking about myself. :slight_smile:

Talking about people that wants to purchase but $70 is too much for only one PC.
Other vendors have this two licensing options.

Why to limit someone to get a great product, since price its really high when you think only on 1 PC.
While $20 its great price for 1 PC only.

What do you mean by this? Link?

Complete will be cover 3 computer and will give everything comodo has to offer

Valentin N meant this:;msg530946#msg530946

I mean, it would be great if a user has more than a PC, then pays $70 for COMPLETE, covering 3 PCs.
But i other user owns only 1 PC, then pays about $20 for COMPLETE covering only 1 PC.

Right now if a user has only 1 PC, must purchase 3 PCs license, loosing 2 PC license (thus over paying for the product).