CIS PRO, new user's experience

I have being using Comodo Internet security Pro on two of my notebooks with Windows Vista, for two weeks now, but I am considering asking for a refund within 30-day money back guarantee policy because:

I have the same issue with updates occuring on both notebooks.
On the first notebook, I have downloaded and installed the updates, but after restart they were always gone.
On the second notebook it worked fine untill I had to switch it off when system frozed, after that the same issue with updates occured.
Comodo’s technician checked this issue through remote access, with his assuarance that it works fine, although I mentioned several times it did not. So after this assuarance and restart, the updates are gone again.
Also I had CIS PRO settings checked after installing it, and was told it is set OK, but it was not, some windows system processes were blocked.

I could not install languages plugin in IceDragon.

What are the MD5 signatures for CIS PRO?. I have asked this in an e-mail to: cisquestions[at] In reply received 5th of January it stated MD5: 9bb42331a34825bcd9a15f853f91204b.
I downloaded CIS PRO week later from the link provided, but the singatures are not equal.

I have also included request about application which will help me to unistall Comodo from my notebook later, but reply to this question was omited. So I have send the e-mail again, but have not received the answer to this day.

So this summarises my experience with Comodo, except the above I would be quite happy.
Nothing is perfect, and my expectations are propably too high.

We are checking the problem and we will let you know accordingly.

Kind Regards

Hi rumcu,

Could you please submit a ticket at under the Internet security section this will have you in contact directly with the support agents who will help trouble shoot the issue.

Kind Regards