CIS Pro 2013 and McAfee 2013

Hello my Friends.
I have just bought Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013.
As it has some functions missing like for example Site Adviser, or Thunderbird antispam extension, and some other (let’s say parental control) then I would like to combine CIS PRO 2013 with McAfee 2013.
At the moment I have McAfee 2012 installed. So I would like to get rid of McAfee 2012 and then I would like to install both: Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013 and McAfee Internet Security 2013. Can both of this packages coexist?
I would like to add that from Comodo - I care for Firewall, Antivirus, and Sandbox mostly, and from McAfee - I care for the functions mentioned before - like Site Advisor or Thunderbird extension, and perhaps some other…
Could anyone tell me how to install and configure such combined configuration? I assume that firstly I have to uninstall McAfee 2012? What next? Please, tell me some detailed instructions. I will be very thankful.
And is my wish possible at all?
Greetings :slight_smile:

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The only way to this may work is if you install what functions you want when installing cis 6.
Firewall etc.

Then if you only install only the two components you want to use in McAfee with a custom install it might work i still think you machine will hang or lockup up if you try it, but it might not.

You just can’t install a Cis 6 firewall with a McAfee firewall a the same time…One or the other.
Do a custom install of each application only installing the applications you want. Making sure you don’t install the same application from each suite.

I found this thread:

It says: firstly install Comodo then McAfee.
But I don’t know: will I have the detailed options and advanced setup when installing McAfee?
I suppose such detailed setup may be achieved when installing Comodo?

Some other advices are very welcome…

it’s simple always use a custom install and select only what you want to be installed.

that was with cis version 3 i believe though…

You can download and install McAfee Site advisor lite. Or you can purchase it completely for full functionality.

When I was uninstalling McAfee 2012, I was asked if I want to keep Site Adviser installed, and now I still have it. When speaking about Thunderbird anti spam extension it is not so good, because it doesn’t support IMAP accounts (only POP). Now I don’t need McAfee, (as it has very weak antivirus) and I have only Comodo IS 2013 Pro, and I am getting to know it better. On my second computer I have Kaspersky Pure 2.0 and it also seems good so far.

In the past I was testing Bitdefender - it doesn’t let use Windows Restore Points,
and Norton - it doesn’t run before the net connection is set up.
(2013 versions)

I am looking for the best Internet Security package,
and I wonder what kind of weak points I will discover in Comodo or Kaspersky.

But I guess it is the subject for another thread.

Thanks for Your support fellows, I feel we can end this thread.