CIS Pro 2012 package received the best score for cleaning!

here is the score…,1871,iid=326554,00.asp


As far as the “cons” in the article… I do hope that Comodo is trying to “fix” those instances to make it 100% in the eyes of the evaluators. Even though we all know that there are and will always be “snakes in the woodpile” that will always attempt to degrade the truth!

The TRUTH is called HATE by those whom HATE the TRUTH!

;D Great result for Comodo Pro at a very low cost compared to other apps, with the help it seems via Geek buddy and its agents using Cleaning essentials to improve the otherwise mediocre clean up abilities of Comodos Anti virus on its own.

There we have it, the av in Comodos suite is poor at removal, but then Cleaning essentials comes in and rescues the system…Saying that i personally have never been infected using Cis so in my case Cleaning essentials has been redundant…unused ;D.For those Using just signature based with or without behavior blocker type security, then the likelyhood of using Cleaning essentials or similar is greater because in the tests conducted by the likes of Languy99, you can have 20 engines and zero day malware will still get you infected sooner or later, due to the extremely low detection rates of such malware, unless you Sandbox or use some type of Hips component within your layered protection strategy.

And finally, yes i am aware that nothing is 100% but Cis comes pretty ■■■■■■ close, and maybe in some distant galaxy…far far way, one day… i will call upon Cleaning essentials myself to rescue me…one day, but not today.

Dave1234…Roll on Version 6!!.


5 $/year
and u get an ultimate support through geek buddy !!!

I honestly don’t know what to say, I’m speechless.

Comodo Number One :-TU