CIS Preview Build v6217

What is this?

It lets you switch between showing Comodo processes that are normally contained when something is contained. e.g. cmdvirth.exe which is the comodo virtualization service and the svchost processes that it normally launches.

Hi everyone!
Preview build v6217 has fixed problem with “Comodo agent could not launch…”! And no reappearing icon now. Thanks, umesh!!!

Sometimes HIPS rules are destroyed after system start.
See attachments.
Win7 x64 Enterprise with SP1.
VSE 8.8 Patch 8.

Hi, umesh!

Is it worth waiting for a new version today?

Known issue for quite some time. It’s under investigation.

The win10 Enterprise auto-update kicked in last night, but I waited until this morning (after the next daily Macrium image backup). The update went smoothly (with CIS 6209 installed, again installed/updated before win10 did it’s update) and my windows stayed activated this time. I really think the MSDN ISO was a key part of the puzzle for my initial Win10 inactivated finding, but it doesn’t explain why the activation troubleshooter pointed to guard64.dll.

Because Win10 is activated, the link to the Activation Troubleshooter is no longer available to me, so I am unable to verify if the problem actually still exists or not. Like most folks with an activated windows, the issue may be lying hidden.

I am on the fence about installing CIS 6217 only because it ends up removing killswitch, and I feel naked without it. I feel it’s safe to assume though that because there is no longer visible evidence against 6209 interfering with an activation (failure) that hasn’t reoccurred… that 6217/Win10 would behave the same.

Not today, around ~21st April.

This has fixed the not being able to start problem. Thank you. :slight_smile:

It seems to work for me (I had the “Comodo Security Agent could not be started” problem).
I first found another “noob” solution that worked for me: put a shortcut to “CisTray.exe” in the Startup folder.

Ок, Thanks!
Used Comodo product in 2 PC. Is 1 PC - antivirus, 2 PC- firewall. Error Comodo Security Agent could not be started and Comodo shortcuts can not be moved or deleted appears on 1 and 2 PC.
OS: Windows 7 x64.

Same things.

This preview is ok on my W7 64 french for agent error and desktop icon suppress.

any release date for a final version of this fixed build?

many thanks and rgs

We’re all waiting for it right now!!

I think everyone mashes the F5 ;D ;D ;D

Some last minute issues has delayed the releaes.

I have the beta version running without problems but i have one question.
When the new update is released should i uninstall the beta version and install the new one or the beta version is able to update himself?
I ask because the beta version give a error with the recognizers and the updates.

Thanks a lot!

Hi All,
We have postponed update to coming Monday i.e. 24th April, 2017.
We found some last minute issues and new build needs QA time.

Thanks for all the patience.


Hi cool52,
You will have to uninstall this preview build and re-install fresh build.


Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6223 Released