CIS prevents World of Warcraft login authentication

So as a World of Warcraft player I have had wow.exe and launcher.exe added to trusted processes a long time ago. I haven’t had any problems with the Comodo Antivirus until the last major update (5.0…). While all other game engines work fine (Steam for example) when I tried loging into World of Warcraft it would crash on the authentication screen. I even did a whole game reinstall until it occured to me to disable CIS and see that then the authentication process completes fine. After the last major WoW patch (4.0…) when I try loging with CIS on now the game doesn’t crash but just gets terminated. Any ideas why this might be happening?

Try adding blizzard to your trusted vendors.

I tried looking around but I find only “add new trusted application” and “trusted files” options… ???

Update: I checked in “Network Security Policy” and wow.exe had custom policy which I switched to Trusted Application. This time during the login Comodo Prompeted that it was receiving behaviour from wow similar to buffer overflow attack which I instructed as skip-able in the future and it seems to work fine now. :slight_smile:

Well there you go, problem solved and normally you go into the vendors and say add. Than it will ask you to find a process or signed file so you browse to wow.exe and than it should add Blizz in there.