CIS Prevents Installation of SUPERAntiSpyWare

I have long used SUPERAntiSpyWare alongside CIS without trouble. Now, I uninstalled/reinstalled SUPERAntiSpyWare in order to do an update. CIS won’t let me install the program.

I do not receive the usual warning, asking what I want to do and whether I should treat this as an updater/installer. CIS attacks the installation, calling it a virus. Removing the installation from quarantine doesn’t help - it still won’t work. I even tried temporarily disabling CIS, just to do the installation. As soon as I turn CIS back on, it stops the software. SUPERAntiSpyWare is one of the best antispyware programs, and I’ve used it with CIS for a long time. Please tell me how to reinstall it without interference by CIS.

it’s a false positive, give comodo a few hours and try again, they know about it and are fixing it right now.

Thanks! I’ll try again in a few hours.