CIS prevent updating of superantispyware

while i am updating Superantispyware the free version after it downloads updates, CIS making altert that
Heur.Suspicious@111928684 for {18671656-A516-4F62-A3CD-5941D442AC13} and7BC300453DE4710120EC9CD352FC4BBB[1].txt Heur.Suspicious@111967358 in the temp text file called 5923BA07BC3FA1301B971C0541E87350[1].txt and {6910880B-F478-4579-A3FB-2E5AB0D38040}

and I add them to quarantine then the superantispyware became quarantined and functionless
my database is updated to today

I am not quite understanding. Is the update problem fixed now?

What do you mean with " the superantispyware became quarantined "? Do you mean the superantispyware executable got quarantined?

Can you please report these files as false positives here:

the next time you encounter them?

I mean the main software is blocked and locked and after i upgrade to the new premium CIS it became a history


I use SuperantiSpyware too and i dont have that problem. Its work like charm!! Its maybe because its running only on demand!
Is it real-time protection checked or not?