cis premium won't let my cisco vpn connect

On my xp sp3 desktop along with at&t whole house wifi, cis premium and my cisco vpn co-existed w/o problems
Had to install a new HD and when I re-loaded both my cisco vpn and cis premium I could not connect to my office pc.
I could open my VPN, login and the vpn would try to connect, but before the connection could be established, the screen went black and the system would reboot.
Once rebooted, I would get the error message that windows had encountered a serious error.
If I tried to re-connect a 2nd time, the same would happen and on the 3rd try the VPN would not open
Unload cis and reload the vpn and all works fine-reload cis and have the same problems
how do i get cis to recognize and allow the vpn connection to complete?
when I load cis, it recognizes a network connection which may well be the wifi (don’t know), but stops there
My vista laptop with cis premium and the cisco vpn continue to work fine
I’m stumped