CIS premium version 6 antivirus update


I am currently using CIS 6.0.264710.2708
I can see an option for auto download updates & notify me, I would prefer the anti virus updates to just install once downloaded as a background task, is there a registry tweak / config file for this?

I think CIS 5 updated the av in background
Running vista x64

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your question, but I can let you know that by default the AV will download in the background. You don’t need to change any settings in order to accomplish that.

It is the program updater that will download and notify you. Program updates are separate from AV updates.

As Chiron mentioned, the AV database will automatically install the virus definition updates as soon as they are downloaded, with nothing required of the user.

ah, ok
was seeing the yellow square notify in system tray & clicking on fix it. Took it as av update

I’d like to be able to schedule a database def. update on start of pc, if possible, although I know my computer is already protected to max by the Cloud…! :smiley:

I completely agree. It seems strange that the database is not updated at boot time like just about every other one from other vendors is. It doesn’t seem to even check.

When it used to do this, people complained that it was slowing their boot. So now it waits.

Currently product updates downloads automatically & notifies to install.

Is it the same for TVL updates or TVL updates installs automatically?

I have latest CIS without AV with Internet Security Config.

I have set product updates to dont download automatically but notify. Yesterday I was notified for updates & was a quick update so I think it was TVL updates. So TVL updates installs automatically or they too notifies?

if u use the BB or the Hips, then normally u dont need the AV and signatures at all, cause u still have cloud protection and for unknown things the BB or the Hips. So all is ok if the signature updates comes not directly at boot time. What do u trust more? - the default deny System by Comodo that will protect even if u have no signatures or not the latest signatures or the default allow System with signatures by other vendors? :wink:

That explains the attached image

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People, you have to compromise!!! When I said “update on boot”, I mean not on boot or during the boot but just a while after not to disrupt processes. Actually, I myself manually update CIS just after CIS 6 finished loading but I think it should be done “automatically”.

+1 And if an update is received, it should not reset the timer for the next automatic update. That way you stay more up to date in the absence of push, pulse, or streaming updates which I still would like to see implemented.

Any issues with delaying things at boot are due to the extremely clunky updating process that CIS employs with downloads that are far too big and application and activation processes that take far too long. The whole updating system needs an overhaul.

i dont understand it really, cause in here CIS do it automatically! And if u are connected to the internet, then u have always the latest available updates, cause u r connected to the cloud database.

It does it automatically only when the timer for automatic updating is done. It does not do it automatically after boot . The update timer just seems to pick off from where it left off when you shut down.

But this is true, so why is it so important when the local database is updated? I think it’s fine for CIS to wait.

and what is the problem? u dont use the internet? u r not connected? u dont use the cloud database? U dont trust the default deny system where u r protected even if u have not the latest signatures? If u really really try to understand how CIS works, then u see that normally u dont need any signatures! - its only for usability! So what is the problem?

Still, whatever I put in the “updates” settings, I don’t get an automatic update or notification, that’s the point! I have high speed internet. Doesn’t seem to work! :o

N.B.: Oufff… After about 1/2 hour from starting over my pc CIS 6 finally automatically updated but my settings are not to download, only notify. This must be a “bug”!

That option is for program updates. Virus definitions will always auto-update.

The main problem is that if you don’t use the computer for a few days, you are greeted with the notification that you are not fully protected because the AV DB is out of date. Then you have to manually click on the button that says Fix it when the program should automatically take care of the issue but doesn’t. It happened to me just today after only using my Nexus 7 tablet for 3 days.

You don’t need to manually do anything. It will automatically update. How long this will take is dependent on your auto-update settings. (Do you have the real-time scanning engine set to automatically update?)

If an update doesn’t automatically happen, then there is something wrong with your settings, or your installation.