CIS Premium not free

hi all;
after download CIS PREMIUM in this page: Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security
and install the version on my computer, look at the problem ???

CIS Premium became CIS PRO >:(

The reason you have that is the page you linked to is for Try Pro FREE for 1 year!

So the version you installed is CIS Pro


Hi Dennis. From the page link that Natalya posted if you just use the free download button it takes you to the Premium installer, you only get the Pro trial if you click on Try pro for 1 year. Thats what happens here at least. Kind regards.
To Natalya. What did you click on when you went to the linked page?

free download

You probably clicked on try pro for 1 year

I am still baffled, because if you accidently click on Try pro for 1 year you have to click on it accidently a second time on the next page.
To Natalya. Have you still got the downloaded installer file?, if yes check its name.
Premium is still totally free and if the free download link did send you to the Pro trial version, I think it has been rectified. If this did happen download the file and make sure it is named cispremium-installer, uninstall pro and install premium. Sorry to hear you have been inconvenienced in any way, good luck for the future install. Kind regards.