CIS Premium Gives BSOD When Scanning

I am not sure what the problem is as I’ve tried several different configuration changes without effect but every time I try to run a full system scan I get a BSOD after it has been scanning for 15 or 20 minutes.

It also does this with a scheduled scan as well so I resorted to setting CIS Premium up as a real time scanner and firewall and I’m using online scanners like Trend Micro Housecall, F-Secure or Bit Defender to fully scan my system twice a week.

So far CIS Premium has picked up any malware that it finds in memory or being downloaded and I’ve had completely clean scans by the online scanners

Does anyone have any idea why CIS Premium would be causing the BSOD on my system?

Hi Wildflower,
Is it hanging at a certain file and something overheating?
Check Windows Event Logs for any possible corresponding errors.