CIS Premium -> CIS Pro


CIS Premium is installed.

I enable “Show the Upgrade button in the main window”
I Clicked on “Version Pro”
I bought the Pro version.

The order number on the web site of BlueSnap is not the same as the one received in the order confirmation mail. It’s weird.

Should I uninstal CIS Premium and install CIS Pro or can I turn CIS Premium into CIS Pro by entering the license key somewhere ?

No need to uninstall - Premium and pro are functionally the same. You change the free Premium to the Pro version by: Clicking on the Get Help > About > Licence Key and then copy and Paste the one you have received - that’s it

Thank you for your return.

You’re welcome

With CIS Premium it was possible to Repair/Modify/Unistall.

On my PC, now with CIS Pro it is only possible to Repair/Unistall. Is that normal ?

There’s no difference between the 2, but it depends on how you’ve installed CIS - Offline or Online. All the other components such as CSS, Dragon and ISE can all be uninstalled as separate entities through Control Panel

It’s weird that the program behaves differently depending on whether it’s installed online or offline.

What installation should I use to be able to modify : offline ?

Is there an offline version of CIS PRO?

Online gives you the options to choose what to install. That’s why the Comodo Website only gives the Online

The Offline installer along with the others is here: CIS 7098 available on the forum

I uninstalled CIS and I reinstalled CIS Pro from the online program provided when buying CIS PRO (cispro_installer).
I had an error.
I used the ciscleanuptool tool and relaunched the installation. The installation was completed without error.

I asked for the installation of the CSS and CISE components; no DRAGON.
CSS has been installed but not CISE.
Do you have any idea why ? Do we need to install DRAGON for CISE to install ?

The Control Panel’s Modify option is still not available.

The installation of CIS does not seem to me to be industrialized.

Once ISE has been installed at any time, it won’t install again, but you can find the Installer in in the default C:\ProgramData\Comodo\ISE, but I would check in Control Panel as you’ll probably find it is already installed - unless you have specifically uninstalled it already

As I mentioned, both it and CSS are installed as separate applications

What exactly are you wishing to ‘Modify’?

I found the ISE intalleur at the location you indicated and installed it. It’s okay.
HIPS has alerted several times about vkise.exe, a ISE module (see attachment with some alerts), when I launched Firefox.

Changing could be useful if possibly I wanted to install DRAGON later for example.

Attached a screenshot of the error when installing CIS PRO.

Dragon is a free install anytime: Download Free Internet Browsers from Comodo | Free Web Browsers