CIS Premium bug

Comodo Internet Security Premium


Virus Signature Database Version 4995

Windows XP SP3

Everything was fine until the most recent update. To make sure its not on my end, I formatted my computer, changed the hard drive and mouse.

The problem is intermittent but I’m going to uninstall this and use something else until the problem is rectified.

My taskbar often has multiple folders, notpad, etc. stacked. So, it’ll say “2 Notepad, 2 Firefox, 3 Windows” for instance. Well, the problem is: Sometimes when clicking on the button to choose which folder/app # I want to open there is no “overlay” bar which follows the mouse cursor and allows you to choose which window to switch to. Therefore, I can’t choose anything at all when the list shows up. After trying this more times than I can count it’ll start working.

Again, this just started with the latest update.

There is a known problem with windows xp, the devs are working on it, please be patient. If you want you can go back to version 4.0 for the time being until this gets sorted out.

look here :

Thanks for the quick replies! I unchecked the “hook” and will see how it works. Btw, I have no problems with the start menu.

The bug refers to the start menu as well (as a part of the taskbar) >:( Those “hangs” are annoying but COMODO is free and we all are the testers. :wink: It’s “just” one lousy check that causes the problem: "Windows/WinEvent Hooks.

It seems like when a problem is resolved another one starts from one version to the other… :frowning:

I think I’ll go back to version 3.14… :-\

Everything seems to be running fine now. Thanks a lot.