CIS Premium Antivirus

CIS Premium Antivirus never finishes scans. It hangs on different files, which I know are okay. The only way to terminate a scan is to restart PC. End process doesn’t work.
Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, AMD dual core, 4GB memory.
BTW I never had this problem in a previous version. I wish I could revert to it.
Thank you!



Do you have another Antivirus product with real scanner enabled on the same time on your computer? Two or more AV products with real scanner enabled on the same time can also cause same problems.


It hangs on different files,
What files are they??? like programfiles/microsoft/windows/dft21.dll

The is some new malware were they have basicly put in almost infinite loops to try and avoid detction (basicly putting the anti-virus on a wild goose chase)

No I don’t have anti virus programs running or at all on my PC. Like I said, I didn’t have thia problem with a previous version.
The files it hangs on are various extensions, i.e. M4A (music), JPG, VOB always different one and on different disk G, H, but never on C.
Something gives, but what?
I want to attach log files, but cannot find them.
Thank you!

Here attached to screen shots scanning the same file. One scanning MyComputer and the other right click scan with COMODO.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Adam- I had the same thing happening to my Vista computer back when I was still using the Comodo AV a year or so ago. It would never finish a scan even on the C drive!


I don’t understand why company like Comodo would release sub standard software. If many people will experience such a faulty software they will go under soon.

I never had this problem on Vista before or on Win7 now. Maybe the problem is elsewhere.
Did you have increased the value of setting “Do not scan files larger than (MB)” or or have made other changes to the AV scanner?

I also had a similar problem with CAV before. The previous versions were fine, but after several updates without changing anything, using the same configuration, sometimes CAV stopped working during a scan or stopped on a file.

How do I reset antivirus scan settings to defaults and try.
IMHO opinion changing settings shouldn’t be allowed, if they prevent software from working properly.
Should I try Avira with CFP?

What I did was I left the AV with default settings after installation. Since CAV crashes on scans sometimes and there’s this cpu hog issue with cmdagent.exe I’m using Avira in the meantime with CFP and it works. :slight_smile:

Below you have the default Settings for Comodo AV.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thank you!
I will try it and report back.
Wonder, if their commercial version works the same way.

Try getting a copy of 3.14 it isn’t a cpu hog and you can set the anti-virus setting anyway you want and the scan doesn’t hang up. If you can’t find version 3.14 write to me at and I’ll send you my installer of version 3.14 just let me know if you need 32 bit or 64 bit I have both.

All the versions can be found here. It’s not about that. Me, for example, I had this error also with 3,14.

I’ve had no problems with scans using 3.14 and that link will send you to comodo and you will get 4.1 In fact I’ve had no problems at all with any settings with 3.14 and that is why I am staying with it 4.1 is full of bugs that will make computing more harder to do what you want on your computer. So as long as I can get Anti-Virus updates I’ll be using the full suite after that I’ll still use the firewall plus defense. PS you can get 3.14 there but not the last version witch was 587 it stops on the 3.14 at 99 then jumps to version 4. And 3.14 build 587 in my opinion is the most stable version of COMODO Internet Security they put out so far. Very few problems and the ones I’ve had was my fault not turning on install mode when installing something but as far as the Anti-Virus scanner no problems at all.

4.1 is full of bugs, you say. It’s working fine here. So I don’t think it’s fair to bring your ‘experience’ as a well-know-fact-for-everyone.

PPS- You can also get v3.14.147648.588 by using the Comodo updater…


Read the forum not your little experance with 4.1. The sandbox still hangs up everyday program and the whole 4.1 is a cpu hog plus ram hog so yes I would say compaired to 3.14 build 587 4.1 is buggy.

That is not my experience and most certainly not true for all users. Stop blowing things out of proportion. And if you hadn’t done so please submit a bug report with the requested description of your set up.