CIS Premium 5.12 Update Check

Whenever the update says “Cannot Find The File Specified”, it saying “Your Product Is Currently Up To Date”?

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CIS 5.12’s automatic update process has been disabled I suspect. Which is fortunate, because otherwise it would have automatically downgraded your installation to CIS 5.11… and that version isn’t Windows 8 compatible.

This is noted in several places in CIS 5.12 for Windows 8 I believe.

Not to be Off Topic but can I have a link to 5.11 please?

I’m currently downloading it to see if it’s 5.10 or 5.11 & I’ll let you know what came up.

I think it will be 5.10.

But, hang on… if you don’t have Windows 8, why did you install 5.12?

It is 5.10 & not 5.11.

I installed 5.12 because it was the latest version so far (Since 6.0 isn’t out yet) & because again the smart scan still crashes in 5.10 but doesn’t crash in 5.12 :).

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I’m shocked. 88)

I know, me too :o. I wonder why they didn’t make a 5.11 Version ??? ?.

Will CIS 5.12 detect the 6.0 beta update? Some Geeks says it will but I’m still not sure. Will Version 5.12 detect the 6.0 update ??? ?

A stable version will not update to a Beta.

Will Version 5.12 detect the 6.0 update ??? ?
It looks that way, but I would personally do a fresh install with such a major version change.