CIS Premium 5.0 - Can not Update Virus Database

Hi, I’m new here and need advise on CIS Premium. I installed everything and it works fine except when I try to Update the virus database it says “failed”. I can use both web browsers and get on the Internet just fine, Hey I’m typing here on the forums at this very minute ;D. I’m just wondering while during the installation if I should have selected the "Use COMODO IP ADDRESS selection or not. - This computer is the BASE for my home network for 3 others and has a Linksys Router (and everything works just fine)
I cant find a setting in the program to set it back to Windows.
ANY SUGGESTIONS? thanks in advance

Here is an awesome solution for the cav database, it works.

Thanks hhp, I just uninstalled it prior to your reply. I may try reinstalling it shortly though.

Thanks hPP_211 I reinstalled it and didn’t have the same problem but I did do as the link suggested and added those sites as well just in case. Everything woks well and I even installed it on my 64bit Win 7 Machine :o