CIS Premium 4.1 info and screen shots

Hi Guys

I am providing information here and screen shots on changes in version 4.1 of CIS - Since moderators have a preview version at this time. Please note information on bug fixes and other improvements are not available until the official release.

  • Removed HopSurf & Ask Toolbar
  • Removed LivePCSupport
  • CIS “Free” is now renamed to CIS “Premium” (Yes, it’s still free!)
  • Firewall Alerts are now enabled by default
  • Elevated Privilege Language Alert has been changed to more user friendly.
  • There is now also a “Sandbox” button in such Alerts. Example, when you launch Comodo Leak Test Suite, you click “Sandbox” button - and by default configuration, you should almost receive a perfect score now.

-Update: There is no confirmation that a CIS 3.x to 4.1 updater will be available, however, v4.1 now supports the 3.x file configurations so you can export your settings from 3.x, uninstall 3.x, install 4.1 and import your old settings into 4.1.

That’s all the information available at the moment. Full release notes, once released, will be available early next week. See Screen shots.

Current version mods have: 4.1.149077.905


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So, what’s up with CIMA Heuristics? Looks like they don’t have any intention ever using this tech…

Actually CIMA is used in the created of every signature that comes out, from what I know when a new application is received is it run through CIMA automatically to determine what it is. From there I suspect there are more system that look at the file. That is where the Heur.suspecious signatures come from.

Hi RejZor

Following up on what languy99 said - The Sandbox is still a new component to the suite. Comodo is trying to make sure it’s fully stable before adding anything else… Which includes Behavior Blocker also.

CIS being called free, livepcsupport and hopsurf/ask toolbar are the most discussed issues users have been deliberating on… and even though it took a while to remove this stuff, especially the toolbar, it was a priority based on the few users who did not like it and Comodo acted on it based on users needs.

Behavior Blocker, improved heuristics etc will all come in good time. Hope you understand.
Btw: CIS 2011 will have behavior blocker, cloud scanning capabilities etc… which is due out year end…


short little video to go with the pictures. Since pictures are allowed I hope the video is ok.

Any chance to perform direct online update from v3 once 4.1 is released?

Sorry, just saw the response to my question in the other thread. :slight_smile: :-TU

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what if I click on allow, am I going to see further popups? privilege elevation is here by heuristic or Iam going by pressing allow to give executable some other privilege than run only?

FYI: popups are almost non existent for novice users…
and you can have a popup galore if you are an expert…

CIS 4.1 is whatever you want it to be…


thanks for the video.
Is the Threatcast feature deactivated on your system ? Or is it no more available in the “Premium” version of CIS ?

You know when we told CIS not to sandbox an application, but it did it anyway, is that now fixed?

Looks good. Look forward to testing out.

In his video you can see in the installation that the threatcast is activated.

CIS is going to the right direction ;D :-TU
I don’t think CIS will be the novice user’s choice .
It is made for the people who use it and not for those who will never install CIS.

what does it mean by “Firewall Alerts are now enabled by default”? i get firewall aleerts with v4 anyway?

come on guys , release it already , it looks very neat !! it’s just what i want , < truely , I can’t hide my happiness

COMODO is my Love :ilovecomodo: :comodomarryme:

outbound connections were allowed by default (just like windows FW…) and many people disagree with that

It will get released soon, still a few things need to get done to it.

Very nice that you’re removing the bloat. What about bugfixes?

they will release them ( bugfixes ) along with the main release !!