CIS premium 11 installed normaly but do not start

I have installed CIS Premium 11 on Windows 7 x86. Installation went normaly, no errors, and after reboot, CIS wont start.
No tray icon, no processes in task manager. When trying to open COMODO Internet Security Premium icon, nothing happens.
What should I do ?

not a answer but ı encountered this problem too then ı decided to use v10 version without problem

Open event viewer and go to Comodo Internet Security trace events under application and service logs and look for any error events, ignore those that reference HTTP read errors as that is not related. Also look for memory dumps in ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps folder. How did you install, did you install under a non-admin account or as an admin? Do you have UAC enabled? Is SP1 installed?

In Event viewer there are 2 Comodo entries, Security CEF i CIS Trace, but both are empty, no logs.
ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps folder is empty, too.
Installed under admin account, UAC disabled.
SP1 also installed.
Can You give me link to v10, offline installer, when I try to download v10, installer leads to v11 ?

I tried CIS v8, installed normaly, but identical behaviour, wont start, not processes in TM.
Maybe something wrong with running windows.
But I have many other application executing without problems.

Hi ciki022,

Thank you for reporting.

Could you please check your Inbox for private message and provide the requested logs.

You can upload the requested logs in any online storage and share us the download link.

Metheni R

Hi Metheni,

There are requested logs


Hi ciki022,

Thanks for providing the requested logs. Please check your private message and follow the given steps.

Metheni R

Hi Methani,

I followed suggested steps, but did not helped me, bahaviour is exactly the same as previous.
If You have any further suggestion, it would be great.

Best regards,

Hi ciki022,

Thank you for your cooperation, we are working to get it fixed. “We’ll keep you updated.”

Metheni R