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I am using Comodo Firewall Pro 3. This is great for me since I do not need the antivirus program as I have another product. I keep getting a popup rinder that there is an CIS update and a link to use to do this. Whenever I look for Firewall Pro 3 updates I get the above popup. I do not run or want a CIS update. Am I missing something about how to check for Firewall Pro updates? Can I disable this particular popup?

Have a look under Miscellaneous/Settings/General->untick “Automatically check for program updates”, allthough if you look for updates it should tell you if any are available!

Allthough i would recomend for you to update to the latest Comodo Firewall/Defence+ version(If you use these 2), you can install it without the AV.
Which version are you currently using? Miscellaneous/About


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Thank you for your prompt response.

I am using version I did untick what you suggest.

When I clicked “check for updates” on that same page, I get a popup box saying “A new version of COMODO Internet Security is available. Please click here to download COMODO Internet Security” As I mentioned I am not using that package and only want COMODO Firewall updates.

While I have you,I have another question. lthough I need the firewall feature, I am using the Defense+ feature as well. Originally I was not going to since I already have an anitivirus program running (I’m in the middle of a 2 year subscription and don’t want to change at this time) since I am always worryed that if there are several antivirus things running I am likely to get conflicts that can both slow my computer or even cause it to crash. What is your advise about having the Defense+ running in light of this concern?

The download has now been renamed to Comodo Internet Security allthough this can be mis-leading as when you run the installer you get the option to install the full package or to just install the Firewall and Defence+.
My advise would be to uninstall the version of Comodo you are using at present as there has been several changes. Doing as fresh install means you get the latest configurations and settings.
With regards to running Firewall/Defence+ with a.n.other antivirus is it is perfectly fine to do so(Defence+ is a H.I.P.S.), there are a lot of people who use this configuration with many differant av`s and i recall the only one there has been a problem with is Kaspersky(something along the lines of you need to install one first then the other).

The latest version has several things integrated into it, one being buffer overflow is now a part of Defence+ and the trusted vendor list has been greatly improved.

One thing that could be usufull if you do a clean install is to put Defence+ in training mode, run all your regular applications so it can learn there actions and then move back to Clean pc(if you wan`t to deal with pending files) or Safe/Paranoid mode.
Personally i have found Safe Mode to be the easiest to use for Defence+.

Best of luck,

p.s. when you run the installer you will also get the option to install hop-surf and make it your home page, if you do not wan`t this simply untick the boxes(added some pics) from this site which explains the install procedure pretty well Free firewall: Download Comodo Internet Security

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Thank you for this. Your reply was very useful and susinct. I’m going to follow your suggestions.