CIS popup alert design is horrible

When you get a popup alert, you have to click the arrow just to see if the program is safe or not, then it obscures the “allow” button. It takes too many redundant mouse clicks just to perform a simple task.

Why not just let the user know if it’s safe or not without us having to click an arrow to find out.

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You can switch the firewall to safe mode.

Then, comodo firewall will popup for unknown applications only.

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And HIPS alerts are also plagued by the same problem.

I think the alerts are clear, well designed and easy to understand

Text should never overlap controls like ‘allow’ in this case… I suspect this will change in some upcoming version.


If they wanted it to open it should have been upward opening, never down.

This makes totally impossible to run in Paranoid Mode :frowning:


Why can’t the text appears without having to click down on the arrow … don’t read it if you don’t want to, that’s all. Safe mode can really be bugging that way, imagine paranoid mode !?!

  • At least add an option, because it’s really bugging to be force to do 3 click for one task … USELESS REDUNDANCY.

On the other hand, like the new Block feature.