CIS pop-ups are not visible while in a Windows 7 Remote Desktop session.

I have no problems seeing notification pop-ups using other anti virus or firewall programs. But the latest 64bit version of CIS for Window 7 the notifications are not visible from a Remote Desktop session. If I exit the Remote Desktop session and go and log into the computer, the pop-up notification are there waiting for me to take action. Is there a fix or setting for this? If possible I do not want to degrade the video quality to see the notifications.

I can confirm this exact same problem running 32bit CIS (3.14.130099.587) on Windows 7 Professional.

It’s very irritating. Is there something that can be done about this?

I also have same problem on 32-bit version. I was looking for some resolution of the problem - but all the questions according to this problem end up without response. Maybe somebody here can answer the question?
I see the topic is very old and still no answer!!!

This looks like a bug to me. Can you provide us with the information as described in IMPORTANT: HOW TO SUBMIT BUGS (read this if you want them fixed)? Don’t forget to tell what remote desktop software you are using and what Windows versions are on either side of the connection.

Once the necessary information is there I will move it to the bug board.