CIS pop up a warning about MS critical security updates today

When my computer came out of sleep I had a pop up from CIS warning me about Microsoft critical and vulnerability updates, has anyone else seen this ?

The page the link in message takes me to is this:-

First time I have seen this message, is this something new ? ;D

I too received the notification.

Never seen this before, but it sound like a great addition to CIS actually.
Helps people keeping there PC up to date :-TU

Came up for me too, just clicked out of the popup thinking it was non-genuine.
Guess it was kosher then but
Didn,t I install all the security from Microsoft yesterday!!! that,s why it kinda unsettled me.
Came here on the forums to see who else reported this.
I,ll stick for now with auto updating and manual install from Microsoft until some one from Comodo posts differently.

pop-up also appeared here and click to my surprise the CIS was 5.8 kill without notice.

sorry my english!

apparently it is something new and something good pecause not all people install the MS updates.

For those that do install the updates, the notification is a pain in the ■■■ because it references some obscure MS bulletin number not the KB # that MS uses when you do updates. [b]Please add this reference to the table at[/b] or whatever your current page address becomes. There is a number present in the linked page, but it does not specify “KB” although it seems to match.

Got the same pop-up today

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It’s a legitimate Comodo Message Center popup.

I rec’d. this pop up as well. I closed that pop up and did a windows update check and there are no updates. Not sure if this is legit warning. I never will click on update warning in pop up.

I let MS install all 14 recommended updates yesterday. At first everything seemed ok other than my internet connection was very slow. Then today it became impossible to send or receive any mails. Oddly, using Outlook’s Test Mail Sending button worked but I still was unable to download the mail. However, this was because unlike Outlook Express, Outlook does not have an option to receive only so it blocked as soon as it attempted sending.

After contacting my ISP who was convinced I had misconfigured Outlook (total nonsense!) because his web mail was working perfectly, I decided that the only change made since yesterday was Windows Updates and thus tried restoring the system to before the update installation. Lo and behold, my mail works again!

Sooooo, the only remaining question is which of these updates is responsible?

As Chiron already mentioned, it’s legitimate.

If you didn’t see any updates on Windows update, it’s possible you’ve already received it through automatic updates.

Hello Guys,

When there is an important security issue that can affect the security of your computer, CIS/CAV/CFW will proactively let you know about this through COMODO Message Center.

The updates mentioned in the alert are of critical importance because they can be exploited by malware authors as soon as MS bulletins are released(COMODO Critical Security and Vulnerability Information Update).

So it is strongly advisable to apply the windows updates as soon as possible.


Excellent :-TU
I hope to continue so on the future…

I got this pop-up today, I’ve seen similar from other programs, first time for Comodo, which was surprising when i think about how many months I’ve been using Comodo. In any case, I clcicked on the pop-up to try and get more information: what I got was a locked-up computer for my efforts, and I had to reboot. So, kindly post instructions on how to disable all future pop-ups, or kindly remove your pop-up feature in a program update, or kindly never, ever, ever, EVER use this feature again.

Just disable Comodo Message Center.

I hope the popup is for critical updates only & not for optional updates? I never install optional updates.


It is for critical updates. Check this image that Morphius published earlier in this topic.

Thanxx for the info.