CIS Plus 2011

hi everybody,

sorry for my bad english i am french, i have try and buy
CIS PLUS 2011 for my computers.

I am old user of Eset ( v 2.5, 2.7, 3 and 4.x), i have
try them beta v5, i am very sad about their HIPS.
So, i decide to try other…

I found Comodo, it is very nice :slight_smile:
but i am little sad by the BIG database of antivirus (163
Mo download in first update :O)

Did you plan to compress your update? (for example, eset it’s 30/35mo update…-80% big :-\ )

NB : i try translate in french :;msg519657#msg519657

thank you,

What version of CIS are you using?

The latest full database for 5.3 and 5.4 is compressed and approx 90 MB. This is still big by comparison.

Comodo is working on getting more generic signatures but don’t expect the download size to shrink significantly any time soon.

Updates after the first initial database download are incremental, so database updates are actually quite small.

here : Comodo Forum

yes it is now 100mo sorry but it is big too ^^
i think optimise or do zipper update will be good because when you start stop download ( connection broken, bad connection, reboot…) the download restart in early :confused:

i have download in my work office because i my home it is take 1 hour :o