CIS personal Feedback and Considerations

Comodo Internet Security Premium

  1. Seems any administrator also if in CSI is set a password for protect it, can uninstall IT without password required. I do not like this very much also if today you can download program to unistall Comodo also if Comodo is asking for a password. In that case will be complicated, should be an algorithm for protect CSI from program that are trying to uninstall without password authorization when this is set.

Maybe this will be as it now and will be not improved but for me is something to evaluate. In the past seems I remember that Comodo was asking password or uninstall if password was set.

  1. Is a life that I read for Comodo is not all the score on AV-TEST but I AM asking why seems Comodo has not a good detection score. For solve this if the Comodo database is not rich can use Avira or BitDefender database as some antivirus do… so the score will be better in addon on all protection layer.

Also consider that on mobile device you do not have sandox and other thing so “bad”, low score of Comodo viruses detection how can be considered good?
However seems Comodo is no more tested on AV-Test for the mobile.

On the Windows the score is low as Microsoft Defender who maybe has a little bit more score than Comodo.
I think Comodo should be improve also detection of malware.
I have read maybe in PC Mag that if a malware is edited by hand Comodo seems not recognize it.

  1. Should be a reset settings for reset CSI to the default settings without need to unistall and reinstall it. This will use a lot of Internet connections.

Thank you for read me :slight_smile:

I agree use Avira or BitDefender database as some antivirus.

Regarding #1, unknown applications are not allowed to do that. It has been said so many times. It’s simply not possible to deny termination once you grant kernel-mode access. Even if it’s possible… how exactly would you make it deny termination in all situations (normal boot, safe mode, etc)? Not to mention the difficulties that users will have to face (eg when reporting issues).
Either way, you can still configure your system, product like you described. That’s the way it should be.

Additionally, reviewers that praise such tests should not be trusted at all.

Seems Comodo Internet Security still can be easily unistalled by anyone if is installed on a Windows Admin profile.
Avast is better in this and do not alow to be removed without password authorization.

Sad to see no improvements on this.

As I already mentioned I have been using comodo for many, many years, but I have never been confronted with such a problem before.
What about to protect all comodo files and folders with hips? I did so but don’t know if this solves the problem.
At least I wanted to access comodo once and it was denied to me and didn’t know why until I remembered to have it protected.
Otherwise, would it be possible to bypass or switch off this protection.

Actually, I wanted to open a new thread. But I’ve read this thread and it it fits in perfectly to this theme:

No antivirus does not have perfect security is impossible to hack all and everything, but for professionals from the CIA security, Comodo have proven to be particularly difficult to overcome.

… It’s about protection package the company Comodo, which in recent weeks, gaining the term “hard-to-■■■■■” antivirus, even for CIA agents.

If comodo would be so easy to delete/uninstall why can’t the CIA? Or is this message a fake? I don’t think so.

But I found this, too. Shouldn’t be unmentioned, although I made and still make different experiences:

Comodo Internet Security Complete 10 is a security product that is a very mixed bag. It has a few strong points and many weaknesses. We appreciated the effectiveness of the antivirus engine, and we like the fact that you can sandbox apps and executable files to test whether they are trustworthy or not. We also appreciate the wealth of advanced settings that are available. However, Comodo Internet Security Complete 10 does not protect you well against online threats, its Comodo Dragon web browser has been revealed by Google as being insecure, and some of the tools that are bundled with the security suite ask for additional money. The firewall module is average in its effectiveness, and the security suite?s processes are not protected from unwanted termination. These are all reasons why we recommend that you stay away from Comodo and look for better security products…Comodo Internet Security Complete 10 has left us with a poor impression. There are some good things about it, but there are also many negatives.

You can enable password protection of CIS in the Settings under Interface options.

All AV products can be simply uninstalled from PCs. You’d have to run a limited account or add Windows based protection of installed apps. This can be done following this guide: How to stop users from uninstalling apps from Windows 10's Start menu | Windows Central

Alternatively, you can protect folders or applications in CIS itself.


No problem to uninstall anything with Administrator permissions, password or not.

The one and only way to stop this is a Limited account.


This is true for Comodo, Avast protect uninstall also from an unautorized user in a system administrator account when password protection on the antivirus is active :slight_smile:

I am sorry whatever you think they have, cannot stop you from removing it.

You give Administrator permissions to anyone, they can destroy you system if they so wish.