CIS Per User Configuration

We have a computer with 5 accounts and 3 kids with different ages 4, 8 and 17. The 17 year old is learning to work with CIS but we don’t want the 4 & 8 year old answering any CIS pop-ups or making changes at all. To solve this, we would like CIS to allow different settings for different users. So, when settings\configs are applied, CIS could bind that to the current user account.

Here are some examples of how it could be used:

We currently have Viruscope disabled with HIPS enabled. We would like to enable the Viruscope on the 4 & 8 year-old accounts and have it disabled on the others.

Auto-containment is another good example. It’s currently disabled but it would be great to have it enabled on the kids accounts.

One of the nice features of HIPS is the ability to prevent a program from executing. We have mature games that are not appropriate for the younger ones. Yes, we can use windows permissions on the exe files but it would be so much easier if it could be configured in CIS on a per-user account.

How could it work? Say you installed a game rated 17. After it’s installed, CIS could display a small windows listing all the accounts on the computer. Either have all listed as denied by default or allowed, doesn’t matter. Check which ones you want to have access to and deny the others.

The benefit - There’s no digging through Windows Explorer\File Manager to find the exe files to change permissions. There’s no need of remembering to keep track of a list of what files the permissions were changed on and who has what because CIS would keep track and display this for you. Keep everything is centralized in an admin account. The same principles can be applied to system & security tools that are installed on the computer. There are some apps you don’t want others to have access.

Another example, we don’t want the kids to use IE or Edge browsers because they can’t be secured like we have setup for Firefox. However, on occasion a site will have a problem with FF security settings and we will use IE if needed. There is never a reason to allow the kids to use it and the per-user setting would solve the problem.

I can offer more reasons if needed. I’m wondering how others would utilize this feature?

Agree with your use case. Lets see if we have more such users.

It’s not a simple change, lets see the interest.