CIS - PC Crashing/Shutoff after executing certain Programs. HELP !!!

:frowning: >:( >:(

Every single time I try to run certain programs, such as Uniextract or MJRegwatch my PC shuts down and the screen goes black, the hard drives stop, but my power supply is still running.

After that, all I do is press the power button, and the pc shuts off instantly.

I never had a problem running these apps under CIS until now !!!

whats the deal?? I tried doing everything I can think of, I added them as safe files and blah blah blah…

I cant afford to have this pc keep shutting down like this out of nowhere. This is a clean fresh install, again, of XP Pro, fully updated, non-sp3.


Hello basstrx,

Did you check your windows eventlog (system/application) to see if there is some clue there ?
How long did you wait after the screen “blacked” ?

Do you run CIS defaults or have you tweaked settings and/or imported previous configs ?

Have you checked CIS logfiles to see if there is something there related to those applications.

Can you try to run them with D+ Image Execution Control, Detect shellcode injections, disabled ?

Did to test this without CIS installed or running?