CIS Package // Is the 100% CPU issue fixed?


Im curious if the 100% cpu issue has been fixed, and if so what has been done to prevent this from happening again in the future…

I googled it and found problem posts going back as early as 2006-2007…So apparently this issue has been a recurring problem over the years and thus I would like to be assured it has been fixed and will not happen again :smiley:

Thanks for your time!

There is no such problem at the moment.

When installing the AV there is a big initial download of 104MB. Processing that can be quite a few CPU cycles but not crippling. When using 512 MB or less of RAM make sure to exclude the pagefile from the AV.

Do something brave and bold and install the latest CIS. O0

lol I had this problem twice while using CIS.
It doesn’t deter me from using CIS though I’d like to see something eb done to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

This is the really frustrating thing about Comodo - have some great ideas in desktop security but the implementation is poor and for these past few years I have felt that I am continually using alpha or beta test software.

Finally after continuing to have the 90-100% CPU problem still this past couple of weeks and following all the database replacement instructions, re-installing the software, etc, I still had the problem and so regretably I removed Comodo from my business laptop.

Now I am having to trust Outpost firewall and Avast antivirus to protect me, and considering to use Threatfire once again but I had problems with it conflicting with Firefox and Avast in the past.

I hate to operate a windows laptop without D+ but I really have no option because the system became unuseable during this cmdagent cpu hog problem. I have used several other antivirus detectros and rootkits checks and they say my system is clean.

Please please please Comodo remember that for all of us life is quite short and we do not have time to experiment and play around with software.

I do not know if your paid service would have made any difference and people more expert than me might have fixed this problem that I could not, but I am unwilling to pay for a product unless I am highly confident that it can really do the job consistently well. If you had a longer trial then may be I would be swayed, but like I said, life’s a bit short and I have a small business to run!


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Thank you