CIS or Comodo Endpoint Security for commercial use?

I have a small bussines. Is it possible to use CIS for commercial use? Or is it necessary to buy Comodo Endpoint Security?

I think you can get 5 free licenses for endpoint security. Xcitium Endpoint Security Manager - enterprisexcitium

CIS is free for personal, commercial and educational use.

CESM (Comodo Endpoint Security Manager) is free for up to 5 PCs. Beyond this number, you would need to buy a license.

The protection provided is identical. The main difference is that if CIS is installed on all your PCs, you would need to make sure that all are updated and configured appropriately. This would need to be done on each machine, individually. If your LAN PCs are near enough to identical, you could configure one PC and then export the configuration. This exported configuration could then be imported into each of the other PCs.

If CESM was installed, you can monitor, control and configure all CESM connected PCs centrally.

IMHO, CESM is the better option, as you can ensure that all your PCs are as tight as each other, you have no inconsistency induced holes and you have far less running around to do.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: