Cis or Cce quarantines. which to keep delete update and which to run first

CIS ran full scan and quarantined files.
CCE ran and detected the CIS files within the quarantine of CIS

Now question being: Since CIS has them using CCE would reincript them and then CIS would not be able to retrieve them?

Or vise versa…

So Am bit confused on which to keep in who’s quarantine folder. If I want any back later, I run the risk of one or the other program not being able to retrieve them correctly, or needing both? maybe.

At Scan Finished for CCE i can go select other option, time consuming since CIS already has them but if don’t do that, have I just removed them from CIS folder and placed them into CCE quarantine folder, or still in CIS?

And since CIS is running actively grabbing threat files, and on my or default settings, placing them into its quarantine running CCE with it being able to ■■■■■ that area is double trouble.

I would not let CCE touch the files in the CIS quarantine. They are not a threat as they are contained and just sitting there.

See that, so looking for a procedure of when to use it, and when to and what we are to do to avoid scanning the files already quarantined by CiS.

Since it is bundled with CiS would expect the Custom Scan Options to have a little help on the two working in tandem
Only Check boxes to Include scans of
Critical areas and…
Hidden reg…
Hidden files and…
then the in computer or by drive, no Exclude folder or since part of CiS the files found.

So recomendation is? Don’t run it or manually go click click click through the dang thing, to unselect fix on the ones already in quarantine…
That is bit weird on both accounts.

I did not fix " I would not let CCE touch the files in the CIS quarantine. " when ran it.