CIS on Windows 8 - does not work (no questions)


I just downloaded CIS from the website (don’t know exactly which version) and installed it on my new Windows 8 x64 pc. However, suddenly the internet connection was gone.

I could not revive it neither by disabling the firewall in comodo nor by uninstalling and restarting the pc. It now works because I (thank God) made a whole harddisc image and restored it. Then it worked and I installed comodo again - same problem until I restored the image.

So, I’m wondering if CIS is not yet Windows 8 ready?

Thank you!

I installed the 5.12 version and now the internet connection stays alive. However, the programm seems not to work, because although I deleted all rules I don’t get asked if a program (e.g. Firefox or Thunderbird) connects to the Internet. On windows 7 I was asked…

What’s wrong here?

If you go to Firewall → Firewall Behavior Settings, is there a checkmark next to the option, Do not show popup alerts?

Unless you have customized the installer during installation, the default behavior is to have this option enabled and set to Allow Requests. This means that you will see no alerts when a safe application wants to access the internet.