CIS on Servers

I’m impressed & satisfied on the recent update of CIS (running on my other machine). Great work guys. (:CLP)

Just for inquiry, are there any plans for windows 2008 servers (x86 and x64 versions) OS support (perharps, on the nest scheduled update?)? I think, that this is possible because this version of windows was vista-coded (as I’ve read on the net). I recently downloaded an evaluation copy of the OS and trying it out as I type (another machine). What I really like about this OS is the factor of enabling stuff not like vista’s disabling aspects (such as unwanted services, bloatwares, etc). And I very nice thing will it be if I could run my CIS on it (not much of a security-learned, but I find CIS/CFP very ruleset friendly and very much forum-support oriented). A handful of security products are compatible with this OS, and I wish CIS, asap ( :THNK) will be one of them (esp. in the aspect of providing free and powerful security in the web). I tried (sort of) implementing the rulesets of CFP/CIS on win firewall, but I just can’t get the hang of it… I also tried outpost but tinkering the rulesets ■■■■■■■ my access on the web & network. I guess, CIS and CFP are the only products that I can say I have the confidence and control.

Godspeed, Comodo Team!