CIS on Malware Tests

Date of the test: January 2009

Program names and versions:

  1. a-squared Anti-Malware
  2. avast! 4.8.1296
  3. AVG Anti-Virus 8.0.229 Build 1410
  4. Avira AntiVir Premium
  5. BitDefender AntiVirus 2009 Build 12.0.144
  6. COMODO Internet Security 3.5.57173.439
  7. ClamWin Free Antivirus 0.94.1
  8. Dr.Web for Windows
  9. ESET Nod32 Antivirus 3.0.684
  10. F-Secure Internet Security 2009 9.00.148
  11. G DATA InternetSecurity 2009
  12. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009
  13. Norman Antivirus & Anti-Spyware 7.10
  14. Norton AntiVirus 2009
  15. Sophos Endpoint Protection 7.5.1

Malware samples used in this test: 565.400
Malware categories used in this test and the amount of samples in each category :
Windows/Macro Viruses-38 120
Trojans/Backdoors- 398 850
Worms/Rootkits- 58 330
Adware/Spyware- 69 580

Methodology used in this test:
1.Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 is installed and updated with all the important updates.
2. Image of the Operating System is being created.
3. Clones of the Imaged system have been made in the amount of programs used in the test.
4. On each of the Cloned systems a separate program is being installed.
5. All of the programs in the test are being updated with the latest databases at the same time. When the updating procedure is finished and the successful program updates have been verified, internet is disconnected.
6. Malware package that was prepaid earlier is being placed into every PC scheduled for this test.
7. All the programs in the test are set to delete all the detected items.
8. After each program finishes the test, another scan is being performed on the undetected items.
9. When each of the programs completes the second scan, the samples missed are being counted and stored into the external storage unit.
10. After the missed samples have been verified, 20% of the missed samples are being anonymously submitted to each of the program Vendors.
11. The final results are presented and show the amount of samples that were detected and removed.

Results of the testing


Feels pretty good, as Comodo Av is such a new product! :comodorocks: :-TU

At least It kicked ClamAV’s ■■■… (and I used to scan with that thing… )


Go on guys and crash them! :comodorocks:

and the new beta has the heuristic that would have added few extra points :wink:

We have much bigger signature db coming online soon… we only just started :wink: (:NRD)


Bring it on… (:KWL)


This version tested was even without heuristics, which the heuristics version is in beta - IMO is a GOOD result with just signatures and not anything else. :slight_smile:

Comodo are getting there!! I been supporting CIS ever since it was in labor (:LGH) (Before you guys saw it :P). In a few months we will see surprising results.


CIS is becoming more and more powerful and user friendly… And when it on the top I will install it on my brother’s pc and on other relatives! I am going to convince them to ditch Norton and install CIS! :slight_smile:

The challenge will be to make it “light” (like NOD32) and not “heavy” (like Kaspersky that uses a lot of CPU) (V)

It will be light. That is one of the objectives set by Melih (Comodo’s CEO). He doesn’t like bloat.

The latest CIS beta is already lighter than the latest stable version. And CIS was lighter than Comodo Firewall Pro.

Are you serious? Where did they say this?

I had the same problem, I solved the problem by disabling the windows sidebar… it seems nod32 was continuous scanning it…

I am a little bit skilled, many mods here are far more skilled than I am… I am just playing around with nothing and everything… :slight_smile:

WOW a good result, and with all the hard work by everybody here this can get only better.

Great job COMODO (:CLP)