CIS on, & others.


Pls put CIS on to replace CFP 3.0, Also maybe contact filehippo - they probably don’t know CIS is the update for CFP 3.0… (L)


And Major Geeks and (V)

CIS on 8)


CIS is still not listed on FileHippo.

Still listed as v3.0 :frowning:

Why does it say Beta in the version number? ???

And why Date: 2009-04-10, when 3.9.73525.491 BETA was released…?
Comodo Antivirus 3.5.55810.432 (and older versions) :o
Comodo Personal Firewall (and older versions) :o
Comodo Internet Security 3.9.76924.507

CIS on FileHippo :slight_smile:

Now Comodo Personal Firewall ???

Yes please put CIS latest version on all above mentioned site, so many people can benifit from it.

CIS is back :), but version 3.11.108364.552. :-
And CFP is still there. :-\

Can Comodo back to Softpedia ?
Because I would like some user see a lot of interface before download.