CIS Offline Update using Simple HTTP File Servers-help required

I recently updated another post of mine explaining the same, in which I added the way to use HFS in detail.;msg506843#msg506843

Hope this helps.

Edit: Completely deleted the previous post and replaced it with a link to similar and better post explaining the same.

There is a long term bug which means that once you have created a proxy definition, you cannot switch it off (which may mean you cannot change it easily). Could that be involved?

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Surfing to gives 404…

CIS must add to this path in some way?

So the file needs to be on a path like this, maybe:

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Thanks for the concern.

could be, but I do not think that has anything to do with the client side mechanism.

In fact, there is some hidden logic, may be a different kind of connecting to the site from CIS side…

Because, if I use CESM itself on client system too instead of 3rd party tools, I am able to update CIS from the proxy cache, from the same path, no path change required.

I would like to know how to achieve the same using HFS or Sami.
Because we can not just install full CESM (it has a lot of pre requisitions too) on every single offline machine.

You can verify my procedure yourself, may be that gives you more information than that I can post here.

Using some form of http monitoring or packet inspection tool would tell you what’s going on I guess?

Might be using ftp… lighter for the server…

BTW by path above I meant simple http server path

Very sorry no time to follow your footsteps ATM…

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Installing CESM on client system, setting the proxy cache folder and pasting data from the pendrive is working fine.

But, there are two prime concerns I have been asking for a free, simple alternative.

  1. CESM is not a tool for offline updates, it is a lot more than that, so using CESM for this purpose is not ideal.

  2. CESM has a lot of dependencies, which are hard to be satisfied on every system.

Some one please suggest me a simple working alternative.

No body else wants to try this ???

CIS 6 is far away, so I still have to rely on this for at least 3 more months.

Someone please guide me…

I have deleted the first post and replaced it with a link to similar and better post explaining the same.

Hope this helps. Thanks a lot to Roopman for his concern and kind guidance.