CIS now opening in Windows desktop

Since the last CIS update, Comodo Firewall has been opening up on the Windows Desktop when the PC is booted, as well as an icon appearing in the taskbar. Does anyone know how to stop it from opening up on the desktop? It isn’t apparent to me in Settings.
Many thanks.

Hello, Warrain. Welcome to the Forum.
Look at the startup programs. There may be two showing. Delete one if there is.
Also, make sure the startup command is: CFP.exe -h

Thanks for the advice John. I don’t have duplicate instances of the CIS start up command. When I added the -h to cfp.exe that you suggested, CIS wouldn’t load at all. So I removed the -h and it is back to loading in both the taskbar and the desktop.
Any other suggestions please?

In the following link, Gibran has a suggestion that may help show what is going on.
Give that utility a try. Post back, please.

Couldn’t detect any link in your message John.

The word ‘link’ was the link itself. Here is the actual link:;msg219116#msg219116
I hope this helps.

Thanks again John. I have difficulties with some colours and didn’t spot the “link”. Before you replied I decided to uninstall CIS and do a clean reinstall. I no longer have the problem.

I’ve been having the same problem for a while now.

I did have version 3.5.something. Today I uninstalled it, and downloaded & installed 3.8.65951.477 and the problem is still present.
I installed it to a different location to the original, if that matters (didn’t mean to).

I have only one entry for cfp.exe in HKEY_LOCAL_M\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and it does have the -h switch.

The Microsoft Autoruns utility linked to here shows only one entry for cfp.exe.

Any ideas?

[Edit] I also followed the suggestion in this thread about closing Comodo, then launching it manually with the -h switch. It still did not start minimised.


Welcome to the Forum, Vectorspace.
You may have to uninstall and clean the registries. Reboot, then do a clean install. That should resolve your issue.

What exactly do I clean from the registry?

Is it just a normal uninstall, delete anything referencing Comodo in the reg, reboot, and reinstall?

Use a registry cleaner, but yes, the result is to remove old references to CIS in the registry.