CIS Notifications - overkill

Whenever I log on since installing Comodo Personal Firewall I get a pop-up notifying me of Comodo Internet Security. This includes an anti-virus package but I already have an anti-virus which I understand would conflict. How do I ask the system to stop the repeats? If I haven’t got the message by now then any number of repeats is not going to make any difference.

You have two options.

1- Go to the preferences and tell it not to automatically check for program updates.

2- Install CIS. The installer allows you to select whether or not you want to install the AV.

Alternatively, install the AV and disable real-time protection. This won’t conflict with whatever AV you are currently using, and you could get a second opinion by using the AV in CIS for on demand scans.

Tks for quick reply. I’d like to know of any updates to the Firewall so I suppose that your option 2 is the one to go for (I have Avast installed).

Separate topic if I may: I have a relatively low spec PC which suffers from a l o n g boot-up time. Someone told me to uninstall Comodo Firewall because it contributed to the delay, and substitute Filseclab firewall (which I did, no great improvement). Any validity in your view?

What version are you using? I know that they say with the latest version, that the firewall has also been updated. COMODO Internet Security 5.0.162636.1135 Released! I couldn’t tell you what is different, but the post I linked makes it sound like the firewall also has some sort of cloud functionality.

The firewall by itself shouldn’t be slowing you down at all. The AV however is notoriously CPU (on some systems) and Disk I/O hungry when it updates the virus definitions. On a low spec system, this can be an issue.

My Firewall version is which is the result of updating I believe. If I were to install CIS complete with AV then the virus definitions update could, accordiing to what you say, contribute to the long boot timelag if the process kicks in automatically each time. Might be best to keep the firewall only and update manually.
I’ve a feeling that I have digressed and will get shot for being on the wrong forum - but I can’t sus out how to switch horses without losing the thread …

That’s a pretty old version.

I would say it’s probably a good idea to install CIS and tell the installer you don’t want to install the AV.

Seems you can download the firewall alone or complete CIS and then select AV and/or FW. I’ll go for the latter as you advise. Uninstall old firewall before installing the new one?

I believe the downloads are actually the same installer, but possibly pre-configured to install only the product of your choice. I could be wrong and haven’t tried installing the different versions, but the fact that all three of the installers you can download (Firewall, Antivirus, and CIS) are the same size makes me think this is the case.

You will definitely want to uninstall the old firewall before installing the new version. Just turn on the Windows firewall until the new version is up and running.

Tks, have done - I opted to include the “Use Secure DNS Servers” thing in the hope that this won’t clash with anything else in my setup. I am assuming that future updates will just be a matter of clicking a button

The DNS servers shouldn’t clash with anything unless you frequent websites known to host malware. It’s easy to switch back in any case.

Yes, complete uninstall/reinstalls are only recommended for major version upgrades because too many features are now incompatible with earlier versions to make an easy update possible. Who knows what version 6 may bring, but until then, any updates should just be a click.

Guidance much appreciated. I don’t see a “credit” button like in some other forums, may be it’s hidden or virtual or telepathic or something.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: