CIS not working

I wiped out the ‘Network Security Policy’ list in firewall settings and ‘Computer Security Policy’ in defense settings. Launched mirc.exe and didn’t receive any alerts at all when both firewall and defense are enabled in safe mode. Also the alert frequency is set to ‘Show alerts for incoming and outgoing requests’.

Is CIS not working or the new version(5.8.213333) has got bugs?

mIRC is a trusted application, so in safe mode it’s unlikely to generate any alerts, regardless of the changes you make to the existing rules. Try changing the firewall to Custom Policy mode. If you want more detail, increase the Alert frequency.

In safe mode :
FW : outgoing traffic initiated by trusted applications is learned
Defense+ : every action of safe executable files is learned

As mirc.exe is a safe file, I guess that’s the reason why you don’t receive an alert.

By the way, Is the new feature “Do not show popup alert” enabled in FW and Def+?

Sorry Radaghast, didn’t realized you had already answer the OP

No, the ‘do not show pop up alert’ is not checked.

Also ccleaner.exe is also ignored, no alerts. But I receive alerts for registrybooster.exe and speedupmypc.exe. It would be better if I received alerts for ALL applications except safe system files. With the alert frequency alerts set to ‘show alerts for incoming and outgoing requests’ I used to receive alerts for all applications but not in the new version.

update - switched to custom policy for firewall, now receive alerts for everything, pretty good. there is no custom mode for defense however or I would switch to it as well.

RegistryBooster and SpeedUpMyPC are from Uniblue which is not in the trusted vendors list of CIS, then they are not considered as safe files by CIS hence the alerts.

You can place D+ in Paranoid mode if you want alerts :slight_smile:

No worries Boris :slight_smile:

The paranoid mode was causing computer freezes when I was opening the D+ allow list. Switched it back to safe mode. Firewall is still in custom mode.

That shouldn’t be happening. Maybe worth opening a new thread in the Defense+ / Sandbox Help - CIS forum to explore the reason. Post as much detail as you can.

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