CIS not starting with Windows

It always used to start perfectly but over the last few days I discovered it was not running after boot and had to manually start it. Checking the Start-up folder it is shown as checked to start with Windows which makes this issue even stranger!

Have I perhaps caught a virus which has deactivated CIS at boot or is this more likely to be a registry corruption? If the latter, is there any way I can manually correct it please?

What part of CIS is not starting with Windows? Cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe? Check with task manager.

Are you using XP?

I will get back to you Eric because I need to reboot but can’t right now as I have too much work.
On this machine I’m on Vista 32 bit.

Keep us posted. I will see when you have responded.

Not sure what’s going on however, this morning it started perfectly at boot. The only changes made since yesterday were:
a) TuneUp Utilities ran its maintenance schedule, and
b) I ran SpinRite 6 overnight to check for bad sectors (none were found)