CIS not starting up

Win XP sp2

For purposes of experiment, I wanted to make CIS not start at Win bootup. I tried but it said that I had no admin powersa and would not respond. My login is as admin, but I had no password set.

So I set a password to log on, buit used TweakUI to auto logon for me, because I want the PC to reboot after power failure etc.

Now CIS is NOT starting automatically with Windows, even though the auto start box is ticked in settings.

???more than a little puzzled.

Can anyone help me here, please?

Thanks in advance


Oh yeah, and when CIS starts up when I ask it, it always asks wether I want to protect the PC or use aas a specifica person, with password…but I still “don;t have admin provileges”


So nobody knows? Should I just submit this as a bug report?